A rapacious creditor with no face and no name has stolen my authority,

He has filed for ethical infractions and is denying any form of indemnity,

Forgiveness is not an option, consolidation is the only possibility.

I am indebted to him for a sum greater than my worth in purgatory.


I have tried to pay my dues, with interest, to a landlord that is absentee.


The seal on his containment is held in place precariously,

So I refuse to sleep and I arise before the sun, when it is too dark to see,

As he screams in my ear that his fraudulent claims are a prison meant just for me,

I try to evade the shackles of believing that his lies are spoken truthfully.


He swears my balance is off, and his anger grows exponentially.


Imprisoned in a safe and looking for the skeleton key,

This insidious creditor solicits my ear relentlessly,

Wanting compensation for a bad investment that I once bought into foolishly.

I cannot afford to be without it, but with the expense I fear bankruptcy.


The only solution is a twelve step installment plan, you see?


I keep those I loathe close, so I cradle him fondly,

Like a life preserver that can deflate all too suddenly,

Leaving me stranded without any sense of security,

Or like the two sides of this coin that I gamble with incessantly.


I manage to cajole him into remission by giving what I have away freely.


His gratitude for my debt is shown by offering parole, temporarily.

I have struck a deal with the bank, but my freedom is probationary,

Contingent upon my earned liquidity,

Not the credit I have on hand, rather what I spend and its tangibility.


If I do not default on this personal loan, I can maintain my credibility.


With the help of an advisor I am learning how to spend responsibly.

I now have a new contract that has replaced my previous policy.

I have stock, as a shareholder, under an umbrella company,


But I am still indebted to this rapacious creditor, and I will forever be.

                   by Joel Santos (Joel is a DCA Supervisor @ The Augustine)