"Jason, Lauren and the team of professionals at The Augustine Recovery Center provide a world class program that saves and changes live for the better. I am fortunate to call them my friends." Chris H

"When I knew my son needed residential treatment I wasn't sure where to turn. I thank God that He led me to The Augustine! After talking with Jason on the phone and visiting there a few days later, I knew I had found the right place. Now that my son has finished his treatment and has moved into their sober living house, I am looking back still knowing it was the right decision. What my son and our whole family experienced during these past 4 months has been profound and life changing. I thank every staff member from the bottom of my hear!! Margaret G.

"I had the pleasure of meeting with Jason and Lauren and their staff, as well as touring the facility. It is absolutely stunning! And I have no doubt, life transformations will occur from there!" Mary O.

"Jason Chane is one of the most enthusiastic and articulate addiction professionals I've ever met. I've experienced the kind of program he runs for his clients first hand and it's top notch. Most importantly, I'm still sober and life is good. I highly recommend Jason and his team!" Alex P.

"Jason Chane is a leader and a pioneer to the Recovery Centers. He has very strong valves with a heart for Recovery. I know without a doubt this is going to be a very successful rehab." Rock n Roll....William M.

"This is an amazing place. The staff is top notch. This program is well thought out and geared towards long term recovery." Nancy S.

"I am so excited y'all are going to have the opportunity to touch many more lives. Jason has been an incredible mentor and I am proud to have been able to share my journey of recovery with him!" Ian G.

"St Augustine needs more facilities like this." Rebecca C.

"I have my son back! I can't begin to thank you all for everything you have done for my son and my family. While I know he has a long way to go and nothing is promised for his future - the here and now is pretty amazing. Thank you for your guidance and open communication. The program has been invaluable to all of us. I wish you all continued success and I know we will see you in the community." -Resident's Mother

"I feel compelled in my heart to let you all know what this past weekend has meant to me. It was an amazing experience. I left with an understanding of what addiction is and how it changes an addict's mind. I was given tools to use to help my son and myself. I have been given hope. I have seen a shift in my son that I never thought possible. The therapy session with Hollan as a family was remarkable. I can not believe the doors she has opened with my son and that he feels such trust that he can be completely honest. My heart was broken and my worst nightmare as a mother came to pass during that session but, with Hollan's help during our one on one, it is going to make it manageable. 

I felt nothing but love and understanding from each and everyone of your staff members . Jason and Lauren you are blessed with such an amazing team and you are all doing God's work and changing men's and their families lives. I know why God brought your facility to my attention. Saying thank you does not seem enough. To Jason, Lauren, Hollan, Kristi, Ty, Jeff, Cindy, Josh, Chris, Tom, Joel, John, Jesse, CJ, and Austin I want to say how grateful and blessed I am that you love my precious son just the way he is and excited to see him emerge into a healthy new version of himself. And to all the clients who are my son's "brothers" that shared their love and experiences with complete strangers.

I am excited to tell you I am going to my first Family Anonymous meeting tonight and waiting to hear back from a therapist that will help me. I will be working diligently and putting the tools that were given to me to work in the next 5 weeks before the next family weekend. I am proud to call you all "my family" also. 

Blessings to each and everyone of you and please forgive me if I forgot to thank anyone. I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks and seeing the progress my son has made with each of you playing such a vital roll in his recovery."

-Resident's Mother


If Lauren, Jason, or any member of their staff have touched your life or the life of someone you love, and you wish to share their impact, please do so here. We will gladly keep your identity anonymous. We are always thrilled to hear about how our former residents and patients are doing!