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Jason Chane


Jason Chane is a leader in the evolving recovery industry. He has worked in the field over 10 years now and brings much personal and professional experience to the world of recovery. Jason started as a Program Director at Mark Houston Recovery Center (now Benchmark Recovery Center) in Austin, Texas in 2008. Jason knew from this point that his life would be devoted to the service of men and women that struggle with addiction. He found the calling he had been searching for his entire life.

Jason also spent one year in Florida, working for Vince Carter Sanctuary as a Counselor and loved living in the city of St. Augustine dearly. Jason was asked to come back to Texas to be the Executive Director of the Men’s Program at Benchmark Recovery Center in November of 2011.

During Jason’s tenure at BRC, the program experienced growth and stability due to Jason’s peaceful and powerful approach to leading men. Jason left BRC in July to pursue the vision of starting a recovery and life center in St. Augustine, Florida with his lovely wife Lauren. Jason believes that any man or woman who desires to be sober or free of addictive behaviors can be. It just takes surrender, honesty, discipline and enthusiasm, four things that can be developed. It is Jason’s life purpose to revolutionize the field of addiction recovery. Jason is devoted to living a life of health, peace, and abundance in all ways, and is uniquely able to bring out the best in others. Jason holds a Bachelor of Arts from Trinity University, in San Antonio, Texas. Jason is a LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor) in Texas and is a CAP (Certified Addiction Professional) in Florida. Jason also maintains his ICADC (Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor) designation.

Lauren Chane

LMSW, CTT - Owner, Therapist

Lauren Chane was born in Austin Texas in 1983 to Tom and Liz Davis. Tom and Liz own three restaurants in the Austin area including two Green Mesquite BBQs and Scholz’s Bier Garten (founded in 1866 and in the Texas register of historic places). As she grew up in Austin, her husband was making his way in Marlin, Texas. They joined mutual friends at a local honkytonk and when they danced the chemistry was set alight.

Lauren has her bachelor’s from Texas State University and Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Texas. She entered recovery from drug and alcohol addiction 11 years ago and has dedicated her life to service and sobriety. She is currently active in Alcoholics Anonymous and sponsors other women in the program and takes them through the twelve steps. She has volunteered throughout her time in school with Heart to Heart Hospice, St. David’s Hospital, The Sims Foundation, Austin Recovery and the Austin Parks Cleanups.

She is an avid runner and completed her first marathon in February of 2012 where Jason rode his bike and held up grumpy cat signs to keep her spirits high. She is also an avid gardener and loves to grow organic food at home.

The love and recovery in their home is the foundation that they have built the mission for their business on. They believe in clean eating, physical exercise, connection to something greater than themselves, helping other alcoholics recover, equality and fairness for all creatures on earth, prayer, daily meditation, a daily review of character defects and continued personal growth and spreading recovery to all those who need it.

Dr. Sam Marathe

MD, JD, PhD, MBA, MPH, MHA, MS(Econ), FACP, CMD - Medical Director

Ty Labenne

Executive Director, CAP

Ty Labenne hails from the tall pines and low swamps of Louisiana. He has been in long term recovery from alcohol and other drugs since 2008. After seeking a B.S. in Biology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Ty relocated to Austin, TX where he realized his natural gifts and passion for working with individuals struggling with substance abuse, as well as their affected families. Confronted with a heavy weight on his heart pulling him to help people fighting this battle that was so familiar to him, he had to make a career choice. He chose to stand on the firing lines of this disease as an addiction professional, while using his education and experience to bring a scientific, spiritual, and therapeutic approach to his work. He promptly became a certified peer recovery support specialist and started earning hours toward his substance abuse counseling license. Over the years he has worked in several 90 day residential treatment centers for men, The Last Resort Treatment Center in Smithville, TX, and Benchmark Recovery Center in Austin. Ty has recently transitioned to Florida to work as an addiction professional at The Augustine Recovery Center, because he believes whole-heartedly in their specific mission, approach, and ideals. He is enrolled in the psychology program at Florida International University in Miami, and is working to obtain his CAC (Certified Addiction Counselor) certification.

Ty is a forward thinker with an extensive working knowledge of the 12 steps, and experience with various models of treatment and therapy. He is often thought of as a compassionate gun slinger when it comes to fighting the disease of addiction. He is talented in understanding the inner mechanics of the alcohol and other drug abuser’s mind, and refuses to let our residents go through our treatment center without addressing their unhealthy behaviors and telling them the truth about their disease.

Ty is dedicated to living an active and healthy lifestyle, and feels that doing so is an integral part of true sobriety. There is an intense commitment to his personal recovery which also involves helping others find their paths to freedom from substance abuse. When he is not slaying dragons, Ty is an avid surfer, runner, and tennis player. He also is a talented multi-instrumentalist with a dedicated interest and knowledge of music past and present. First and foremost, Ty is absolutely devoted to helping our residents achieve permanent sobriety, and to educate and navigate their affected families through the healing process.

Christopher Blauvelt

Director of Operations & Admissions

Chris is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol since 2011. Falling in love with the recovery community here in St. Augustine, Chris has learned that entrenching yourself in service, practicing the principles of the 12 steps, and working with other addicts and alcoholics is the best way to stay on the path to sobriety.

Chris earned his Bachelor of Arts in communications from Marietta College, Ohio, and has had a wide range of work experiences including primary and secondary education, athletics coaching, sales, marketing, and interpersonal communications.

Chris spends his free time with his beautiful wife (also in recovery), surfing, biking, reading a good book, and staying active. He believes that his life in recovery is one beyond his wildest dreams, and is eager to share his experience, strength, and hope with the residents.

Scot Leavey

Admissions Coordinator

Scot lived, worked, and raised a family in the northern regions of Minnesota and Michigan until moving to St. Augustine in 2013. He earned a degree in Communications from Brown Institute of Tech, and has worked in the healthcare field since 1990. Scot enjoys spending his free time following the Minnesota sports scene, reading, fishing, and spending time with family and friends. Active in AA and recovery personally as well as experiencing recovery within his own family, he understands the challenges faced when seeking help.

“Having the privilege of assisting families and individuals through the process of finding the right solutions during difficult times is possibly the most rewarding feeling I have ever known.”

Jeff Brakhage

MAPC Specialization in Trauma, Abuse, & Deprivation - Therapist

Jeff earned his Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling with a specialization in Trauma, Abuse, and Deprivation from Ottawa University in Phoenix, Arizona. He also holds an MBA and Bachelors Degrees in both Russian Language and Literature and History. Jeff’s experience includes Lead Therapist at the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program in Phoenix, Therapist and Strategic Planning Consultant for Serenity House Substance Abuse Treatment Center, Central Peninsula Hospital Behavioral Health Department in Soldotna, Alaska, and Trauma Therapist and Family Programs Manager at a Florida residential treatment center specializing in trauma treatment. Jeff joined The Augustine after having seen their passion and commitment for supporting men in their healing and journey into a lifestyle of health and personal fulfillment and hearing of the integrity of their program in the recovery community. Before transitioning into counseling, Jeff was in eduction for 16 years as a middle school teacher, principal, and university lecturer, was a columnist and contributing writer for a magazine, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer from 1998-2000.

Emily Foster

Counselor - CAP, ICADC, CTPII, Neuro feedback facilitator and Utilization Review

Emily joined The Augustine team in 2017 as a CAP (Certified Addiction Professional) in the state of Florida and ICADC (Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor). She is currently working on becoming a Certified Trauma Professional.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, Psychology and Sociology from Villanova University in 2005 and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Social Work from The University of Central Florida. Emily is undoubtably one of the hardest workers at The Augustine, and we are so happy to have her on our team.

In her spare time Emily enjoys gardening and rooting for Philidelphia sports!

Josh Aaron

Integral Breath Work Facilitator Level II, Case Manager

As an active person in recovery Josh shares the tools he has learned by working to help others live a sober life through sponsorship, awareness, understanding and living in the present moment. Prior to moving to St. Augustine, Josh ran a sober living house.

His easy-going personality and compassionate nature lends itself to listening and assisting his peers to develop the necessary skills to live a sober life.

Josh contributes his own recovery to working a strong, solid 12 step program to maintain sobriety. In his free time Josh enjoys fishing, surfing, working out, reading and all things related to living at the beach.

Tom Quigg

Case Manager/12 Step Counselor

Tom was born and raised right here in St. Augustine, Florida. He has been sober since September of 2014, and has become a mainstay of the St. Augustine recovery community.

Tom is a business graduate from University of North Florida, and holds job experiences in the service industry, sales, and the surfboard and skimboard manufacturing industry. He is excited to turn his efforts towards The Augustine Recovery Center, and help those in need.

Tom’s hobbies include surfing, golfing, cooking nutritious and delicious meals, watersports, working out, and of course, eating!

Jeff Tarr

Case Manager

Jeff is a Southern California native. He now lives in St. Augustine with his wife and 2 kids where they spend as much time as possible on the beach surfing, swimming, fishing. Jeff also plays guitar and enjoys music of all kinds. Jeff has always had a desire to help others. He spent 3 years as the Executive Director of a non-profit focused on reaching out to “at risk” youth. Jeff is excited to be working at The Augustine with fellow members in recovery.

Ken Be Baun

After Care Coordinator

Ken De Baun is the newest member of our team. After attaining a Degree in Electrical Engineering he started a software development company in Orlando, FL which he sold in 2006. After selling the computer business he then created a successful painting company which he also sold in 2013. Moving to Saint Augustine Beach with his children he learned about The Augustine Recovery Center and the transformative personalities involved with the center. Being a part of the recovery process and supporting broken men healing from the debilitating disease of alcoholism is his passion. In his free time he enjoys art, gardening, comedy shows and most of all, his family. (His picture coming soon!)

Bryan Day

DCA (Direct Care Associate) Supervisor

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Bryan has lived in St. Augustine for nearly seven years. His personal recovery comes first in his life, and he believes in the value of helping others who are trying to get sober. He spends his free time at the beach, surfing and body boarding. Bryan brings a strong enthusiasm for recovery to the team, and we’re so happy to have him.

Burton Quinn

DCA (Direct Care Associate)

Born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan, one of ten children. Attended the University of Detroit and majored in Business Administration. Was a metal manufacturing plant manager in Detroit, Michigan and Winsor, Canada for 20 years. Purchased, developed and managed the Greenbrier Golf Club un Mayville, Michigan for 20 years. In 2010 Burt retired and moved to Kona, Hawaii. He moved to St. Augustine, Florida in 2015 and began working at The Augustine Recovery Center. He is a life long motorcycle enthusiast, amatuer billard tournament player, and avid golfer. A grateful member of the AA fellowship and in recovery for 28 years.

Matt Thomas

Sober House Manager/DCA

Florida Grown in Ormond Beach with a loving family. Surfing and leading as a Chef in restaurants were passions growing up. Friends moving away and failed relationships lead him to a state of loneliness resulting in the use of drugs and alcohol to cope. Struggling with sobriety for six years and numerous treatment centers, Matthew was finally able to find the connection he longed for at The Augustine Recovery Center. Relationships with peers and staff grew into a new passion to help others with the same struggles that he once had. Employed now with The Augustine he is able to fulfill this passion as well as having a constant reminder of where he once was and the faith that recovery is possible.

Oleg Sotnik

Nuero-Feedback Facilitator

Bio Coming Soon.

Matt Stevens

Lead Direct Care Associate

Bio Coming Soon.

David Binkiewicz

Facilities Manager

Bio Coming Soon.

Mark Rosen

Program Director

Bio Coming Soon.

Erika Weaver

Primary Therapist

Bio Coming Soon.

Tyler Seymour

Alumni/Aftercare Coordinator

Bio Coming Soon

Jackie Werboff

Primary Therapist - MA, LMHC

Jackie is a dynamic and team-oriented therapist dedicated to establishing solid therapeutic relationships through an integrative approach to whole-person wellness and healing. Jackie was raised in the Tampa Bay area and moved to St. Augustine to attend Flagler College where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. During an undergraduate study abroad program Jackie traveled to 11 countries and discovered first hand the importance of stepping outside the comfort zone in order to grow. Driven by a calling to pursue a career in mental health counseling, Jackie followed her heart to Seattle, WA where she attended Bastyr University’s program in Holistic Health Psychology, earning a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Jackie has served children, adolescents, adults and families in various outpatient and inpatient settings such as in-home, in-school, psychiatric, mental health, chemical dependency, co-occurring, preventative and residential. Through her own recovery process from mental health illness, Jackie is passionate about engaging in healthy outlets for mind, body and spirit such as cycling, yoga, running and long aimless walks with her dogs.

Kelly Carter

Business Manager

Bio Coming Soon.

JJ Fransisco.


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