Continuing Care

IOP and Continuing Care

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Augustine Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Continuing care plans are crafted by the resident’s treatment team and the resident themselves in our comprehensive discharge planning process with their therapist, case manager, and the rest of the clinical staff will create a unique plan tailored to their goals and needs for their new journey in recovery. Augustine Recovery offers a 90-day intensive outpatient treatment program which includes:

  • Gender-specific transitional supportive living with structured accountability and testing
  • Weekly case management services to support clients in their recovery
  • Weekly sessions with their Primary Therapist for both the individual and their family if needed
  • Groups (3 nights per week) with optional family involvement

Discharge Planning

Each resident’s continuing care plan will include expectations for their life in recovery after treatment. Continuing care recommendations would include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Sober living
  • Intensive outpatient therapy
  • Private therapy
  • Process addiction therapy
  • 12 step meeting attendance & sponsorship
  • Employment
  • Continued practice of life skills/principles learned in treatment
  • Comprehensive plan to address their medical needs which will include appointments with a primary care doctor, specialist, or psychiatrist within their community

Alumni Program and Augustine Recovery Local Community

We are excited to connect with our alumni and provide ongoing support in their journey to recovery. Our alumni program offers a variety of resources to help our alumni stay connected with the Augustine Recovery community, maintain their sobriety, and thrive in their daily lives. Here’s what you can expect from our program:

Alumni Events: We host seasonal events for our alumni. These events offer opportunities for our alumni to connect with each other, build new relationships, reconnect with their treatment team and have fun in a sober environment.

Alumni 12 Step Meetings: We offer regular 12 step meetings specifically for our alumni. These meetings provide a safe and supportive space for our alumni to continue working on their recovery and connect with others who share their treatment experience in their new journey in recovery

Fellowship in the Community: We encourage our alumni to get involved in their local recovery community and find opportunities to give back. Whether it’s volunteering, attending community events, or simply connecting with other sober individuals, we believe that building a supportive network outside of Augustine Recovery is an essential part of maintaining long-term sobriety.

Follow-up with our Community Outreach and Admissions Coordinator: Our Community Outreach and Admissions Coordinator is available to provide ongoing support and guidance as our alumni navigate the challenges of life in recovery. Whether they need help finding local resources, want to discuss a personal struggle, or just need someone to talk to, our Community Outreach and Admissions Coordinator is here for them. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Community Outreach and Admissions Coordinator ( if you or your loved one needs support.

Recovery Is One Phone Call Away

If you’re ready to face your addiction to alcohol, or if you have questions about alcohol addiction for a loved one, give us a call at (904) 217-0480. You can speak directly to one of our alcohol treatment specialists and learn more about our facility, our professional staff, alcohol treatment options, insurance, and more.