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Here at Augustine Recovery, we do things a little differently.

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Augustine Recovery
Here at Augustine Recovery, we do things a little differently. Our programs are comprehensive and heal the whole person – not just pieces of you. Through evidence-based programming, long-term treatment, and deep connection, we help men to find lasting recovery.

What Makes Us Different

We’re proud to offer a clinically sophisticated curriculum that is approachable for people of all backgrounds. No matter which substances you have developed a dependency on, we hope to help you to recover. Here are just a few of the things that make Augustine Recovery special. 

90-Day Addiction Treatment Program

Research shows that the longer a person commits to treatment, the more likely they are to have an improved outcome. That’s why we offer a 90-day minimum treatment program at Augustine Recovery. During your stay with us, you will learn all of the skills needed to stay sober for years to come. 

Privately Owned and Operated

In Florida, many treatment centers are part of larger networks, owned by other groups, or controlled by distant investors. That’s not the case for us. At Augustine Recovery, our founder,  Jason Chane, has created this business because he is passionate about recovery—not because of a bottom line. His business is fully independent and solely focused on helping you get well.

An Outstanding Family Program

We believe that family involvement is one of the most important aspects of treatment and sustained recovery. Sometimes, family members feel that their loved ones have entered a black hole during treatment – they don’t know what’s going on, and they don’t know how to support them afterwards. We want something greater for our residents and their families. We offer comprehensive family programming, including educational sessions, three-day family weekends, regular family support calls, and weekly updates for your loved ones during treatment. 

Evidence-Based Therapies

We offer individual and group therapy sessions for all of our residents. Modalities include trauma-focused therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), expressive small groups, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), neurofeedback, art therapy, body mapping, timelines, rhetorical letters, and more. 

Trauma Treatment

Addiction is a disease which is often intertwined with trauma. Some people may begin to use substances to escape their feelings about traumatic events, while others may experience trauma because of their addiction. Our therapists and counselors are specifically trained in this area. Judy Crane, founder of The Refuge and The Guest House – two of the nation’s leading trauma treatment centers – has personally trained most of our staff. Our innovative therapies and deep understanding of trauma have made us a premier addiction and trauma treatment center. 

Help for Dual Diagnosis

To overcome addiction, co-occurring mental illness must be addressed during treatment. At Augustine Recovery, our staff includes a full-time addictionologist and a full-time nursing staff. Each patient is paired with a masters-level therapist, as well as their 12-Step addiction coach, for mental health support during treatment. In addition to daily small process groups, dual diagnosis patients receive a minimum of one private session each week, though the average is two. We believe that this level of clinical care helps you to address addiction and mental health concerns simultaneously, resulting in better outcomes.

Medically Supervised Detox

We know that many people put off going to treatment because they are afraid of what will happen during detox. At Augustine Recovery, we have made this process safe and comfortable. Medically supervised detoxification is overseen by full-time staff members who are experts in this type of care. Our full-time addictionologist practices exclusively on our campus – he does not work anywhere else and is always on call over the weekends. We employ a full-time nursing staff and provide semi-private rooms upon admission during your period of medical observation. Our staff will ensure that you are relaxed and secure during detox. 

We Bring Treatment to the Next Level

Since its inception, Augustine Recovery has always had more staff than patients. Why? We believe that individual attention is a crucial component of overcoming addiction. This ratio ensures that activities like goal setting, recreational therapy, and developing accountability have the appropriate level of supervision and staff involvement. We also believe that physical well-being has an important role in your recovery, which is why each resident receives personal training and dietary education during their stay with us. 

Quiz: Is Augustine Recovery a Good Fit for Me?

To maximize how we can be helpful to you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I someone who enjoys the outdoors and connecting with nature, animals, sun and the ocean?
  • Am I willing to truly change the way I eat and allow myself to enjoy a physical program of action that will transform my life?
  • Am I looking for purpose in my life?
  • Am I someone that knows how to fly “under the radar,” but really wants to change internally?
  • Am I willing to work harder than I have in the past?
  • Am I open to a new experience in my life?
  • Am I adventurous? A thrill-seeker? Do I learn better experimentally rather than in a classroom setting?
  • Would I prefer healing in a beautiful home rather than a hospital/clinical setting?
  • Am I feeling empty?
  • Am I ready to give up or have I already given up to despair and hopelessness?
  • How many times have I tried to get recovery and failed?
  • Do I really want to heal?
  • Have I really ever surrendered my whole spirit to anything?

If you answered all of these questions honestly and recognized some truths, you may be ready for a new experience: a new life armed with the tools for sustained recovery. Contact us today and start your journey now.

Recovery Is One Phone Call Away

If you’re ready to face your addiction to alcohol, or if you have questions about alcohol addiction for a loved one, give us a call at (904) 217-0480. You can speak directly to one of our alcohol treatment specialists and learn more about our facility, our professional staff, alcohol treatment options, insurance, and more.