Recovering in St. Augustine

Recovery in St. Augustine

We provide a rehabilitative experience in the vibrant, exciting city of St. Augustine, Florida.

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There are thousands of treatment centers across the country. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which one is right for you or someone you love. Many people find St. Augustine, Florida to be the perfect place to recover. At our North Florida treatment center, you’ll find sand, surf, and top-notch care.

AA Meetings and the Recovery Scene

The Chane family chose St. Augustine because of its amazing recovery community – our city is home to individuals at every phase of sobriety. You’ll meet young people who are learning the 12 Steps and old timers who have been clean for decades.

Flagler College, St. Johns Community College, the University of St. Augustine, and First Coast Technical College all call St. Augustine home. Because of these institutions, there is a large community of young people attending school and pursuing recovery here.

The atmosphere in St. Augustine is different from many other municipalities of this size. The culture here is laid back, with lots of live music, amazing cuisine, and a vibrant community.

Our city’s status as a vacation destination means that you’ll find a huge AA presence here. There are five (or more!) meetings each day. Many of these are outside. Our favorite is the Sunday morning pier meeting, which is right on the beach.

Outings and Excursions

Depending on a resident’s level of care, clients may attend a minimum of 2-3 outings per week.
  • Spending time at the park. These trips usually include fun, competitive softball games with the whole group. Residents can also take advantage of the skate park, run the trail, or relax with other residents on the park green.
  • Going to the beach. We go to the beach every Sunday, and weather permitting, we take a trip on Wednesdays as well. For residents who show special interest in surfing, Augustine Recovery staff will arrange individual trips when the waves are good.
  • Paddleboarding and kayaking. Augustine Recovery residents love taking trips to Genung’s Fish Camp for some time on the water.
  • Exploring historic St. Augustine. Our residents enjoy getting to see the sights of our fair city.

Sober Living in St. Augustine

Our sober living house is downtown, right in the heart of St. Augustine’s historic district. As the nation’s oldest continuously occupied European settlement, our town has a lot to offer in terms of art, culture, and educational opportunities.

Many of our alumni choose to stay in St. Augustine after treatment has concluded. They spend their time at the beach, the St. Augustine Amphitheater, and milling about downtown. Our alumni enjoy hanging out at Kookaburra Coffee Shop, Mangrove Surf Shop, and A1A Burrito Works. They’ll also pass the time at some of the state’s best surf spots: St. Augustine Pier, A Street, Vilano Beach, and Butler Beach.

We have several alumni who have purchased homes in St. Augustine – they rent out rooms to other alumni with at least a year of sobriety. We are proud of this informal “graduate housing” for the men and women who have completed their stay in our sober living home.

The Health Benefits of a Beach Rehab Center

Seaside treatment centers offer more than a great view. Research has found that pursuing recovery on the beach has a positive effect on your physical and mental health.

First, time spent in the sun is a proven way to lift your spirits. When sunlight hits your skin, your body produces more vitamin D, resulting in improved mood. Next, moving through the sand is more difficult, meaning that you’ll burn almost twice as many calories while running or walking on the beach. Finally, saltwater has its own set of restorative benefits: it speeds the healing of cuts and sores, infuses the air with immune-boosting negative ions, and provides a meditative backdrop for recovery.

At Augustine Recovery, the beach enhances our services. Our residents are encouraged to paddle board, kayak, and enjoy the ocean. This is an excellent outlet for physical activity, as well as spiritual reflection. The infinite sea puts our problems in perspective. We learn to surf life’s waves, just as we practice in the Atlantic.

Our staff members use our location to provide recovery insights and life lessons to each resident throughout their stay with us. We have at least two process therapy groups each day – these small, intimate meetings help you to move through the stages of treatment at your own pace. Whether you’re on the beach or in the rooms, St. Augustine is an excellent place to find recovery.

Addiction Recovery in North Florida

If you would like to recover with us in beautiful St. Augustine, please contact our Admissions office today. You will be able to speak directly with a member of our staff to learn more about our treatment approach and receive recommendations tailored to your needs.