Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol Awareness Month: Understanding Alcohol Use Disorder

Welcome to April, the month when we consider the enormous influence that alcohol may have on our lives. This Alcohol Awareness Month is a perfect time to brush up on your awareness about alcohol, its disorders, and its effects on health and society. Unfortunately, individuals, families, and communities continue to bear the brunt of the […]

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Alcohol Brain Damage

Alcohol Brain Damage Symptoms

Consuming any amount of alcohol has both physical and psychological effects on the body. From dizziness and nausea to confusion and impaired decision-making, this substance impacts how a person interacts with their environment. More often than not, this results in unwanted symptoms that last long after they have their last drink of the night. However,

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Florida DUI laws

Understanding Florida DUI Laws

While each state enforces different penalties for driving under the influence, there is always a consequence for deciding to drive above the legal limit of alcohol or under the influence of another substance. Receiving a DUI is often a wake-up call for someone who regularly misuses alcohol or other substances, and while penalties vary, any

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