Family Alumni Calls

Every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.
Dial-in number (425) 436-6200
Access code 138031

We are excited and happy to invite you to the weekly Family Alumni calls.

Each week the call features 6 to 8 parent speakers.  Each featured parent on the call shares in their own words and from their own perspectives what they have experienced and learned. 

We listen and learn while they explain what they have experienced with addiction and recovery. The majority of the participants are silent observers in this virtual theatre. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed and maybe even get some questions answered that haven’t been thought of yet.

The disease of Addiction and Alcoholism is aggressive. The weekly call is a tool that can help us. Initially the recovery language was very confusing to many of us. Listening as parents and family members share their experiences and solutions helped us a lot.We have learned that the recovery process can be made easier by doing it with people that share our frustrations, feelings and experiences. Learning to speak the language of recovery is a really powerful tool.

As the Al-Anon literature states: 

“Take what you need and leave the rest”.

We look forward to meeting you as we walk through recovery together.

Augustine Recovery Family Alumni

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