Family Alumni Calls

Family Alumni Conference Call

Time: 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time
Weekly: Wednesday
Zoom link sent weekly.

Contact information:
Chris Blauvelt
Director of Operations and Admissions
Cell (904) 495-4238

Alumni Family Conference Call Format:


1. ( Staff ) Welcome to the Wednesday 7 PM “Alumni Family Conference Call” meeting. This is a 1-hour meeting. Closing begins 5 minutes before the top of the hour. At this time, I would like to call roll for the meeting (Reader relays names of participants). If I missed anyone please state your name. For late participants please check in at the end of the meeting.

2. ( Chairperson ) My name is _______________, and I will be your chairperson for this meeting. Let’s open the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. ( Chairperson reads Prayer )
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
( Chairperson ) Would (Someone or designated Reader) please read “The Opening Statement”?

3. ( Reader )

Opening Statement

Welcome to the regular weekly Family Alumni conference call. Everyone on this call has experienced the frustration of watching a loved
one struggle with addiction. We have felt the hurt feelings, frustrations, sadness and anger that the disease creates. In recovery we bring this
disease into remission. On these calls we begin to heal. As we learn more about addiction and ourselves, we begin to experience safety,
empowerment and joy.
Negative emotions often linger well into early recovery. Turning anger, resentment and blame on our family members results in multiplying our problems. It is best to work through negative emotions with our Twelve Step sponsor and during Al-Anon, AA or other Twelve Step meetings. The family system is usually “red hot” when a loved one begins treatment. Learning how to care for ourselves and support our loved ones can be very challenging at first. We begin to learn what works and what doesn’t by sharing our experience, strength and hope with each other.
There are three tools which we will learn about. When used frequently they are a powerful way to fight the disease. Utilizing these tools in early
recovery has the power to “cool down” the “red hot family system”. The
sooner we begin the better.
Your loved one has received or is receiving lots of attention and care. We have discovered that the family needs the same amount of care and
understanding. To many times the family has been neglected in the recovery process. Sometimes the best thing we can do for our loved one is to start taking care of ourselves.
Using the following tools can make a world of difference.
1. Active listening – focused attention
2. Using “I” statements – instead of “You” statements
3. Red, yellow green light protocol – categorizing issues
We can accomplish together what was impossible to do alone.

4. ( Chairperson ) Thank you for reading. Would (Someone or designated Reader) please read today’s date in the “Courage to Change” Al-anon Book.
( Reader ) Entry of the day is read by reader.

5. ( Chairperson ) Thank you for reading. I will now open the meeting for discussion of the reading or anything that you may be struggling with today. (5-15 minutes until moving on.)

6. ( Chairperson ) Thank you to everyone who shared. I would now like to introduce ______________, who will be sharing their story and topic for this evening.

7. ( Topic/Story Guest ) Family Member shares “Story” of their journey in addiction and recovery though their experience, strength and hope. (10-20 minutes)

8. ( Chairperson ) I would like to thank ____________, for sharing his/her story. Ect… I will now open the meeting for discussion.

9. ( Chairperson ) 5 minutes or earlier before the hour. CLOSING: We have come to the end of the meeting. Before closing, does anyone have a burning desire to share??? Are there any announcements for the good of the group??? I would like to thank ___________ for sharing his/her story, and everyone who shared and participated by being on this call. We need volunteers for Chairperson, readers and to share their story next week. Could I get a service commitment for any of these positions for next weeks meeting?




Thank You.

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