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Here at The Augustine Recovery Center we do things a little differently than traditional rehabs.

To maximize how we can be helpful to you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I someone who enjoys the outdoors and connecting with nature, animals, sun and the ocean?
  • Am I willing to truly change the way I eat and allow myself to enjoy a physical program of action that will transform my life?
  • Am I looking for purpose in my life?
  • Am I someone that knows how to fly “under the radar”, but really want to change internally?
  • Am I willing to work harder than I have in the past?
  • Am I open to a new experience in my life?
  • Am I adventurous? A thrill-seeker? Do I learn better experimentally rather than in a classroom setting?
  • Would I prefer healing in a beautiful home rather than a hospital/clinical setting?
  • Am I feeling empty? Am I ready to give up or have I already given up to despair and hopelessness?
  • How many times have I tried to get recovery and and failed? Do I really want to heal?
  • Have I really ever surrendered my whole spirit to anything?

If you honestly answered these questions to yourself and recognized some truths…
you may be ready for a new experience…
a new life armed with the tools for sustained recovery
call us today and start your journey now.


We can help.

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