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Jason and Lauren Chane lead by example, and their lives are a testament to the power of recovery. As owners of The Augustine Recovery Center in Saint Augustine, they approach addiction and the process of recovery with personal wisdom and professional experience. Nestled on eight acres between Moultrie Creek and the Intracoastal Waterway, The Augustine offers residents a refuge from the world of active addiction. Residents can expect a compassionate and highly disciplined environment.

“Lauren and I came together at the perfect time in our lives. We had a fire inside, a special gift to give to others, and that gift has culminated into the Augustine Recovery Center. This is just our beginning,” Jason says.

Lauren and Jason chose St. Augustine for its rich and fertile recovery community. St. Augustine is a great place for early stage recovery, Lauren explains. “Integration into a community of recovery is a requirement for success. We all need to belong. Social interaction and purposeful service allow addicts and alcoholics to build a foundation on which they can rely”.

Lauren and Jason recognize that 90 days of residential treatment is a commitment and a sacrifice, but, “We want results. We have our approach. When you arrive at The Augustine expect to work, evolve, and grow. We will not accept less than you can achieve, and will not expect more than you are capable of giving. We are all in for our residents and their families. We are grateful to serve our residents at this most important and transformational time.”

With regular comments on their facebook page such as “Jason Chane saved my life!”-Preston, it is clear that the work of this dynamic duo speaks for itself.


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