Outdoor Outings

Outdoor Outings and Adventures


Each weekend, we take our residents to St. Augustine Beach, just a few miles from our doorstep. In sobriety, it was important for us all to re-discover adventure, in that way recovery became more appealing. Most of us on staff spend our free time surfing. Some of us found surfing in sobriety, others learned to surf before doing so. We can all agree that surfing brought us spiritual connection, peace, and an opportunity to practice self care in our journey through recovery. Surfing saved many of us in different ways, and that is something we want our residents to experience.

Chris (outreach/admissions coordinator), Jason (owner), Tom (case manager), or Ty (program director) meet that guys down at the beach with the rest of our DCA (behavior tech) staff on hand. As our residents take to the ocean, these staff members offer advice and fundamental experience with the residents in the water. Groups on water safety, surfing how-to’s, and ocean dynamics are occasionally offered as new communities cycle through The Augustine.

Outside of surfing on Sunday mornings, we like to surprise the residents with softball outings, trips downtown to visit museums/national monuments, camping trips to central Florida’s springs, etc.

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