Hurricane Matthew

Well, Hurricane Matthew was a devastating storm. It took lives, homes, and sanity from many. We at The Augustine Recovery Center want to send our love to all whose lives it affected. We had to evacuate with our guys to a little town outside of Ocala to avoid its path. We were treated with great hospitality from Brantley and Anne from Shamrock, Thistle and Crown B&B. While there, emotions flooded us and the uncertainty of what we would be coming back to was overwhelming at times. Despite that, we laughed, cried, accepted powerlessness and bonded in a very special way. Upon returning yesterday, this was the scene. We sustained no structural damage to any of our buildings, but many of our trees surrendered their lives. The staff and men currently at The Augustine took a deep breath and started carrying all the debris away and a day later we are still working. The men currently at The Augustine have really blown us away with their commitment and passion for service, and the fellowship of the spirit is something to behold. If you have a family member here currently, just take my word for it that you would feel proud for them if you saw them in action these last few days. Our phones have been down and we still don’t have power to all our buildings, but we are OK for all who wondered, in fact we are blessed beyond measure.