EMDR Therapy For Trauma Treatment

If you’ve ever been through a traumatic event, you know the power it may have on you. It can leave you feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Nightmares, blackouts, and the resulting isolation from anxiety can cause significant disruption in your everyday activities. Many try to push these experiences out of our minds, hoping they will go …

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The Fentanyl Crisis and Overdose Rise During the Holidays

Fentanyl is a highly potent synthetic opioid, with a potential strength of up to 50 times that of heroin and 100 times that of morphine. It is FDA approved to treat extreme pain, such as that caused by advanced cancer. In 2022, synthetic opioids, primarily fentanyl, are the leading cause of death for over 75,000 …

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what is crack cocaine

What is Crack Cocaine?

Crack cocaine is considered a “serious threat to Florida,” according to the National Drug Intelligence Center (NIDC). Criminal groups, gangs, and individual dealers create and distribute this drug throughout the state. To measure the impact of this substance, the Medical Examiners Commission of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement analyzed drug-related deaths in 2020.1 Cocaine …

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alcohol and anxiety

Alcohol-Induced Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health challenges nationwide, affecting people from all walks of life. Having anxiety can make you restless, irritable and give you a constant feeling of being on high alert. Symptoms like insomnia, panic attacks and a racing heart rate may leave you searching for anything that can …

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making amends

What Does Making Amends Mean?

Relationships are chief among the casualties of substance use disorders, and for good reason. Loved ones who would do anything to help may eventually be overwhelmed by the reality of addiction. Those in the throes of this disorder behave in ways that don’t align with their values, religious beliefs, or moral codes. They may lie, …

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what is a speedball

What is a Speedball?

It’s no secret that addiction comes with a long list of risks. However, even within the realm of illicit substance abuse, some activities are more dangerous than others. Combining multiple drugs with different methods of action – a stimulant and a depressant – creates greater potential for fatal overdose. What is a speedball? Today, we’ll explain the …

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PTSD symptoms

What Does PTSD Look Like?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, often shortened to PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that impacts an estimated 6.8% of Americans at some point in their lives. Degrees of impairment range from mild to serious, meaning that a person may function well or struggle a significant portion of the time. Today, in recognition of PTSD Awareness Month, we …

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alopecia after meth

Alopecia After Meth

While most people are familiar with the major consequences of drug use – malnutrition, weight loss, and sleep problems – there are a few lesser-known symptoms that may emerge over time. Hair loss is a condition that may be worsened by the use of certain drugs. Read on to learn more about the potential link between meth …

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