There Aren't Enough Words To Express Our Gratitude

We want to start by saying that there aren’t enough words to express our gratitude to The Augustine Recovery Center (TARC). We give God the glory and TARC the credit.

Chris B did a lot of work before our son arrived. He talked us through a tough time. He helped to calm us and made us feel like they would be able to help our son. When our son arrived, he hugged Chris and told him that he saved his life. Jeff T was so great about keeping us up to date with our son’s progress and ministering to our needs. Chris and Jeff were available at any time for calls or texts. We felt very connected. Jason, the owner, is fully engaged with the residents and their families.

The 3-day Family Therapy Weekends that happened every 5 weeks created opportunity for conflict resolution, relationship repair and healing. Jackie was our son’s assigned therapist. She is a caring and compassionate counselor who taught our family how to communicate effectively. We accomplished so much in her sessions and for that we are grateful. The fun part was getting to know and hang out with the other residents and their families. You will come away from these weekends with a very large extended family. And the residents experience a brotherhood that will continue far beyond their stay.

The Augustine Recovery Center doesn’t end the relationship after the 90 or 120 days of therapy. Aftercare in sober living and structured family and alumni calls with Ken keeps us all on the road to recovery.

There are so many other staff members we want to shine a light on but then we would fill up this page. Suffice it to say, when your son, brother, father, uncle, husband or friend arrive at The Augustine Recovery Center, they are cared for like no other place.

Mike and Sharon R.

Can't Say Enough Good Things

Our son struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for almost 15 years. When he finally decided he was ready to change his life, we searched for a residential treatment program and found the Augustine’s website. The more we read, the more we all sensed it was the right place at the right time, for Doug. He completed their 4-month program and continues to work hard to maintain his sobriety and re-build his life.

We can’t say enough good things about their program and their staff. Everyone at the Augustine works tirelessly to give residents hope and to show them the way to a better life.

Thank you doesn’t begin to express the depth of our appreciation and gratitude for all they have done and continue to do to help our son.

Denise and Bill A.

Powerful, Eye-Opening, Life-Changing

This family weekend was nothing short of amazing. Powerful, eye-opening, life-changing, full of love, compassion, and spiritual guidance and nurturing. I left feeling so much lighter and more hopeful about my son’s future, but also much more knowledgeable about our family disease and what we can do to heal ourselves. We have generations of the family disease that have tragically manifested in my son’s heroin addiction, but it’s really nothing new.

Even after 18 months of my own dedicated learning, Al Anon, reading, therapy – you gave me new insights and more things I can do for myself, and to support my son in his recovery. This all started for me in earnest when he entered his first treatment center in October 2015, and I began taking my head out of the sand after 14 years of his troubles.

TARC is just different. Other parents said the same this weekend. You all are truly spiritual warriors – passionate and powerful in your approach. There’s an expression, “no one cares what you know until they know you care” – and your love comes shining through in this life mission you’ve taken on to help others heal, after having suffered so much yourselves in your personal journeys. While you all may be paid, it’s clear that you go above and beyond, and that you do this out of love.

Anyway — God bless you all for this life saving work you do and THANK you. Now I have many more names to add to my daily prayer list — all the guys, but also all of you.

Resident's Parent

Heartfelt Thanks And Deep Appreciation

I wanted to let you all know my heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation for every one of you. The part you all invested in our lives for the last four months has grown and changed me in countless ways. From my first phone call to Chris inquiring about your program to my last phone call with him coordinating my son’s transition to sober living, I have felt the love and passion for my son and for recovery poured into my family’s life.

As a mom, I am touched so deeply by your care, persistence, and endurance in my son’s life and his recovery journey. I had such a relief and peace knowing he was in such incredible care. We experienced miracles during his recovery stay and are grateful to God and to each of you. The changes in him are dramatic and beautiful. I feel he has received the care, education, life skills, practice and love he needs to have an abundantly fulfilling life in recovery.

The family weekends were such an integral part of my own recovery from the devastating disease addiction unleashed on our family. The first family weekend, you all gathered around me as I cried non-stop, grieving in a healthy way. The second family weekend, you supported me and encouraged me as I was in distress over our family dynamic that weekend. Then the last family weekend was pivotal in my life. The timeline exercise, while painful, helped me remember and be grateful for the miracles we have experienced along the way throughout this addiction/recovery journey. Then the letter to the part of me that left…life changing. This was a huge turning point for me to realize what I had lost and forced out of my life and how it had adversely affected me and others. I have experienced such in-depth understanding of addiction, relationships, communication practices and freedom throughout my journey with TARC. I am grateful for this understanding and especially the level of deep heart changes in me leading to life changes. Please know that from the behind-the-scenes facilities management to the group sessions to counseling sessions to meals to personal testimonies to Tom’s weekly calls; all were noticed and appreciated! I cherish your friendship, love and time we spent.

You all are truly in my heart and in my weekly prayers.

Thriving in recovery alongside you all.

Resident's Mother

From The Bottom Of My Heart

When I knew my son needed residential treatment, I wasn’t sure where to turn. I thank God that He led me to The Augustine! After talking with Jason on the phone and visiting there a few days later, I knew I had found the right place.

Now that my son has finished his treatment and has moved into their sober living house, I am looking back still knowing it was the right decision.

What my son and our whole family experienced during these past 4 months has been profound and life changing. I thank every staff member from the bottom of my heart!

Margaret G.

I Have My Son Back

I have my son back! I can’t begin to thank you all for everything you have done for my son and my family. While I know he has a long way to go and nothing is promised for his future – the here and now is pretty amazing. Thank you for your guidance and open communication. The program has been invaluable to all of us. I wish you all continued success and I know we will see you in the community.

Resident's Mother
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