Saying "Thank You" Does Not Seem Enough

I feel compelled in my heart to let you all know what this past weekend has meant to me. It was an amazing experience. I left with an understanding of what addiction is and how it changes an addict’s mind. I was given tools to use to help my son and myself. I have been given hope. I have seen a shift in my son that I never thought possible. The therapy session with Hollan as a family was remarkable. I cannot believe the doors she has opened with my son and that he feels such trust that he can be completely honest. My heart was broken and my worst nightmare as a mother came to pass during that session but, with Hollan’s help during our one on one, it is going to make it manageable.

I felt nothing but love and understanding from each and every one of your staff members. Jason and Lauren, you are blessed with such an amazing team and you are all doing God’s work and changing men’s and their families lives. I know why God brought your facility to my attention. Saying thank you does not seem enough. To Jason, Lauren, Hollan, Kristi, Ty, Jeff, Cindy, Josh, Chris, Tom, Joel, John, Jesse, CJ, and Austin I want to say how grateful and blessed I am that you love my precious son just the way he is and excited to see him emerge into a healthy new version of himself. And to all the clients who are my son’s “brothers” that shared their love and experiences with complete strangers.

I am excited to tell you I am going to my first Family Anonymous meeting tonight and waiting to hear back from a therapist that will help me. I will be working diligently and putting the tools that were given to me to work in the next 5 weeks before the next family weekend. I am proud to call you all “my family” also.

Blessings to each and every one of you and please forgive me if I forgot to thank anyone. I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks and seeing the progress my son has made with each of you playing such a vital role in his recovery.

Resident's Mother

Top Notch

I have never in my life experienced any place like this. The caring and loving staff amazed me on a daily basis. Not only did they go out of their way to help me become the man I always wanted to be, but they also educated my family and worked with them during my stay. The therapy staff is top notch and their daily intensive programming made it possible to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.

This place will change both you and your loved one’s life if you will let it.

I would recommend the Augustine to anyone who is ready to live up to their full potential!

Dustin R.

Feels Like You're Coming Home

This is an excellent recovery center with a clinical treatment team that is outstanding at every level. No place is perfect, but finding a flaw here is like finding a needle in a haystack. The program offers trauma work, addiction education to clients and families, as well as a multitude of creative treatment modalities.

When you arrive at the facility you are not entering a cold hospital setting, rather you feel like you’re coming home. The environment is nurturing, but well-structured and consistent. Your loved one will be safe.

Aftercare is well planned, and families are a huge part of their approach to recovery. Our son travelled from New Orleans to enter this program, so if you don’t live in Florida don’t let geographic location be a deterrent.

At the Augustine Recovery Center, families are transformed and the men are lovingly repaired, revealing the beautiful person that has been buried inside. What more can you ask?


This Is What Residential Treatment Should Be

After many short-term rehabs, my son found The Augustine Recovery Center…

This is what residential treatment should be.

They went above and beyond caring for my son.

The approach taken to heal the family not just the client is phenomenal.

I will be forever grateful to the entire staff and Jason Chane for their love and compassion. Healing happens here!

Renee B.

Beyond Amazing

Can’t find words strong enough to express how awesome the staff and the center is. They are all about getting it right. Having the opportunity to visit on family weekend over a period of time I am amazed at the transformation I have seen in not only our son, but all the clients I have had the honor of meeting. These are courageous men working together to recover.

The staff is beyond amazing. It’s obvious their passion is saving your loved one from the trap of addiction. They are committed to each and every individual and their family. Really invest themselves emotionally in your recovery. If your family is suffering from the disease you are not alone and you will find people here who really get it.

There are lots of fancy, big box recovery centers. I have seen none with such a unified agenda…

Save lives! Our family has been unbelievably blessed by our experience with The Augustine.


Finally Have Hope

The Augustine’s unique approach to addiction recovery is a blessing. After experiencing a wide variety of recovery centers, my family and I finally have hope for a lasting recovery. The wonderful staff and their caring support is what truly makes this facility amazing. Thank you!

Makayla R.