A Real Solution and Close, Personal Attention

I’ve made my rounds across the country trying to get clean with assistance from various treatment centers. I recently completed the program; no place offered the experience The Augustine Recovery Center does. A place that offers spiritual and physical healing with a staff that was endlessly compassionate and professional. 

This country is filled to the brim with rehabs that seem to put business first. Thank God for The Augustine, a place that still believes in helping addicts find a real solution and investing close personal attention as well as love to see them through. I only wish the friends I’ve lost to this disease had the opportunity I did.

If you really want the pain of active addiction to end, this is the place.  You’ll be encouraged to have a real recovery experience that can last while you stay in an awesome residence with great people who walk the recovery walk. I would trust this staff with any family member, they absolutely optimize the chances of recovery.

William K.

I Didn't Feel Alone

The owners and staff helped ease the pain of this difficult journey for our family. As a mother and wife, I didn’t feel alone while my husband was in treatment. I felt my children and I were part of the process, making it a recovery for the entire family, not just the addict.

Jenn E.

Augustine Recovery Isn't Just a Place

TARC isn’t just about the excellent 3- or 4-month rehab- it’s about the superb aftercare for the addict and his family. My son is in recovery at the Sober Living House run by TARC. The guys all know each other, they’ve all gone through the same program, they are there to support each other. There are house managers and case managers that oversee the men at the house. They provide encouragement and guidance and head off problems that they foresee by observing behaviors that may lead in a negative direction. They provide support and education for the families through family conference calls. The case manager even facilitates a family alumni call once a week so families can have their own “on line AlAnon-type” meeting.

TARC isn’t just a “place”. It’s the caring and competent people who work there, it’s an environment of acceptance, growth and love. It’s fun, at times and camaraderie. This is what I see as a parent and I am thankful everyday my son has had the opportunity to be here.

Marty M.

Don't Wait Another Day to Call

If you or your love ones have need for a 90-day inpatient addiction recovery center and you have a chance to get into The Augustine Recovery Center, I recommend that you just do it. It is unique from many other centers in how willing they are to serve your needs with love, compassion, customized attention, and a true desire for lifelong recovery.

They not only offer a progressive path to recovery, but also a customized re-entry plan back into society.

The entire staff, from administration, to individually assigned Case Workers, and the Direct Care Associates, Medical Team, Therapists, right up through the owners Jason and Lauren Chane have the best interests of each man that comes through the door at heart.

The Augustine Recovery Center has top notch Trauma Therapy Professionals, an Integral Breath Therapy Specialist, and cutting edge Neurotherapy sessions utilizing EEG Neurofeedback available for the residents, and informative and productive Family Therapy weekends that includes friends and family of the residents. The Family Therapy Weekends have given me a new perspective on my part in the recovery process and a new hope.

If you have a need, don’t wait another day to call Chris at (904) 217-0480. You will be glad you did. He will answer any concerns that you might have and help you determine if The Augustine Recovery Center is the right place for you.

Don A.

This Program Absolutely Saved My Life

The Augustine Recovery Center provided me with the guidance, therapy, love, support, education and hope l desperately needed during the darkest period of my life. I was given an environment that was safe, nurturing and structured allowing me the opportunity to look within and learn my truth.

The journey back to health was not easy but this program and the exceptionally effective staff employed there offered me all the essential tools l needed including a long overdue acceptance of a spiritual solution. I have worked in the field of addiction as a certified professional for the better part of thirty years and l like to think l have been successful at what I’ve done, but l have never experienced the kind of heart and soul searching dynamic that l was blessed to experience at The Augustine Recovery Center.

It is not an understatement when l say this program has absolutely saved my life, for this I will be eternally grateful.

Stuart P.

Highly Recommend

My son just finished 4 months at the Augustine, and I am very grateful to have found such a loving, safe, caring, well thought-out, and effective treatment program for him. The tools, self-understanding, knowledge about addiction, and connection with others that he gained at TARC are invaluable gifts.

Some specific things I love about this place are: its beauty, the authenticity, integrity, commitment and passion of the owners and all the staff, that the clients work all 12 steps while there, the intimacy of the place (max of 16 men to a staff of more than that!), being located near the beach, the minimum 90 day stay, that there are adult men of all ages, the depth of the therapy (group and individual), how they learn to know what they are feeling and what the needs are behind those feelings, the amazing Family Intensive Weekends (every 5 weeks), the way they keep the family members informed the whole time (weekly phone calls and written reports with case manager), the way they are loved but also challenged, and the discharge process and aftercare…especially that they offer their own sober-living program right there in St Augustine.

I highly recommend this treatment center.

Margaret G.