No Stone is Left Unturned

Our son recently completed the recovery program at The Augustine, and we can’t say enough about the staff and the great recovery work that is going on there. Jason and Lauren Chane have put into place all the best pieces of the puzzle that they have discovered during their many years of working with other recovery/treatment facilities, and they have brought the most talented and caring people that we could have hoped for in helping our son find a new way of living–free of substance use and abuse.

If you are considering a treatment center for yourself or a loved one, you cannot go wrong here. Their client work with past trauma and other underlying causes is amazing, and the therapists actually enjoy their jobs and feel lucky to be working where they are. We participated in 3 family weekend programs and each one was better than the previous one.

A unique aspect to their program is that it’s a 90 day rather than the more typical 30-day format…which allows more time for the deeper work that they do to be accomplished and for the residents to work all the way through the 12 Steps, along with a great deal of other therapeutic activities. No stone is left unturned including art therapy and equine therapy. All the guys we met (16 maximum residents) seemed to adjust well and they enjoyed time together on the weekends surfing and/or relaxing at the nearby beach.

Danny M.