A Loving, Caring Environment

The Augustine Recovery Center was the perfect place for our son to find sobriety and a recovery program. Jason, Lauren and all the staff provide a loving and caring environment that encouraged our son to be successful in his recovery. They have a strong connection with in the center and lasting connections with the community which have been an integral part of our son’s recovery.

Chris T.

I Am So Grateful

I am so grateful that my son found The Augustine Recovery Center. Their staff understands addiction and the tools needed to combat this disease. They pass these tools to their clients and really care about them and the progress they make.

The connections my son has made through The Augustine have been so valuable to him and his sobriety for over a year now. This is not a clinical environment but a spiritual one.

I would recommend The Augustine Recovery Center to anyone who is dealing with this devastating disease.

Steve T.

Saved My Son's Life (And Our Family)

I wanted to say thank you to all of the wonderful people at TARC. I don’t know where my family would be today if we had not found you!  TARC saved my son’s life and our family. We did not know where to turn and my son told me about TARC. From the first day, I knew that this was the place for us. 

I learned a lot about myself and our family through this process and am so thankful for having such caring people taking care of my son. I miss seeing all of you at the family weekends!

Brenda F.

5 Stars: A Magical Place

“Work is love made visible.”

Poet Kahlil Gibran suggested this, perhaps aspirationally. To the extent that you are intrigued or dubious, visit The Augustine to see what it looks and feels like when an entire cast is animated by this principle.

The Augustine is a magical place where backbone and heart lead the parade. The staff are incredible in their passion and skill, and they have been masterful in creating and nurturing an environment of love, support, accountability, and honesty.  Miracles happen in the midst of emotional safety, and to the best of my ability to identify it, that’s the secret sauce at The Augustine.

Any and all of us would benefit greatly from the chance to immerse ourselves in a community and environment like The Augustine. Those of us whose loved ones have had the opportunity to experience the genius of this place are forever grateful, and our families have grown stronger as a result.

So 5 stars for The Augustine – I can’t imagine a healthier, more effective place to begin the process of enduring recovery. And 5 stars to all of us building more communities like this out in the world; we could solve every social and civil ill if each of us approached ourselves, our communities, and our world through the lens and the methodologies of The Augustine.

Mike M.

For The First Time In A While, We Have Real Hope

After many rehabs we were referred to the Augustine Recovery Center by someone who said this place saved her son’s life. I am a believer after meeting Jason, Lauren, Chris, Tom, Troy, Jeff, Dave and everyone else there. These people really care and give them the tools they need to recover. 

For the first time in a while, we have real hope for a lasting sobriety. Thank you to everyone there.


Gives Us Hope For Our Son's Future

Our son has been to several treatment centers in the past, but none of them offered the personal involvement and caring attitude that the owners and staff put forth at The Augustine Recovery Center. He has come a long way in the first 6 weeks, and we can’t wait to see the changes that will occur between now and when he completes the program.

Thank you, Jason and Lauren, for all you have done in creating a very special place for healing and recovery. It gives us much hope for our son’s future.

Daniel M.