PTSD symptoms

What Does PTSD Look Like?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, often shortened to PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that impacts an estimated 6.8% of Americans at some point in their lives. Degrees of impairment range from mild to serious, meaning that a person may function well or struggle a significant portion of the time. Today, in recognition of PTSD Awareness Month, we […]

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alopecia after meth

Alopecia After Meth

While most people are familiar with the major consequences of drug use – malnutrition, weight loss, and sleep problems – there are a few lesser-known symptoms that may emerge over time. Hair loss is a condition that may be worsened by the use of certain drugs. Read on to learn more about the potential link between meth

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women trauma and addiction

Women, Trauma, and Addiction

The Relationship Between Trauma and Addiction One size does not fit all for people entering treatment for alcoholism, addiction, and trauma – this is especially true for women. It makes sense that treatment for men and women needs to be different and specific as well. Traditionally, addiction and mental health programs have not dealt with

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dangers of inhalants

Inhalants: Signs of Abuse and Fast Facts

In the early 1800s, “laughing gas parties” were popular. In the 1980s, most people knew about recreational “glue sniffing.” Today, recreational abuse of inhalants remains common—and life-threatening. Potential effects include: Hallucinations Driving while intoxicated Asphyxiation Cardiac arrest Seizures Coma Permanent impairment of muscle control Permanent hearing impairment Long-term brain damage from oxygen starvation Damage to lungs,

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fitness for addiction recovery

Fitness and the Recovery Process

The Physical Aspect of Recovery Recovery from the devastating effects of alcohol and drug abuse needs a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. There are addiction programs worldwide that promote spiritual development and a wide variety of counseling approaches. As treatment facilities have evolved over the years, some have incorporated exercise and fitness programs

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free CE event

Free 2 Hour CE Event | Treating Trauma in Addiction

Treating Trauma in Addiction: CE Event Overview Free 2 Hour CE Event The Dilworth Center & The Augustine Recovery Center February 19, 2021 / 9am-11am EST In partnership with The Dilworth Center, this training from Augustine Recovery will explore varied types of trauma including developmental, shock and complex trauma, as well as the impact of

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nutrition and addiction recovery

Nutrition and Recovery

Addiction to the illicit, prescribed and alcohol is an alarming public health issue. Did you know that heavy drinking and drug use leads to big shortages in the nutrients you get? Studies on addictive disorders have demonstrated severe nutritional deficiencies among alcohol and drug abusers with behavioral, physiological and cognitive symptoms. Substance abuse generally leads

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