There Aren’t Enough Words To Express Our Gratitude

There Aren’t Enough Words To Express Our Gratitude

We want to start by saying that there aren’t enough words to express our gratitude to The Augustine Recovery Center (TARC). We give God the glory and TARC the credit.

Chris B did a lot of work before our son arrived. He talked us through a tough time. He helped to calm us and made us feel like they would be able to help our son. When our son arrived, he hugged Chris and told him that he saved his life. Jeff T was so great about keeping us up to date with our son’s progress and ministering to our needs. Chris and Jeff were available at any time for calls or texts. We felt very connected. Jason, the owner, is fully engaged with the residents and their families.

The 3-day Family Therapy Weekends that happened every 5 weeks created opportunity for conflict resolution, relationship repair and healing. Jackie was our son’s assigned therapist. She is a caring and compassionate counselor who taught our family how to communicate effectively. We accomplished so much in her sessions and for that we are grateful. The fun part was getting to know and hang out with the other residents and their families. You will come away from these weekends with a very large extended family. And the residents experience a brotherhood that will continue far beyond their stay.

The Augustine Recovery Center doesn’t end the relationship after the 90 or 120 days of therapy. Aftercare in sober living and structured family and alumni calls with Ken keeps us all on the road to recovery.

There are so many other staff members we want to shine a light on but then we would fill up this page. Suffice it to say, when your son, brother, father, uncle, husband or friend arrive at The Augustine Recovery Center, they are cared for like no other place.